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Service Agreement Template

Digital service agreements are binding contracts between your business and another company to guarantee services in exchange for payment. OnTask’s document workflow automation will automatically create and send your service agreement form for review and signature. Try this service agreement template out and customize it to fit your needs.

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Free Service Level Agreement

It’s time to take the hassle out of getting service-level agreements signed. Easily create, send, and sign service agreements for your business with help of OnTask. Getting started takes just a few minutes, but saves you so much time in the long run.

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  • Reusable Template
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Why Take Service Agreement Forms Digital?

In addition to saving your team time on document creation, taking service-level agreements digitally leaves the right first impression with new clients. A digital process makes it easier for these clients to sign and return, without the hassles of printing and scanning.

Your Service Agreement Template in Action

This video shows an example of the Service Agreement Form Workflow in action. You’ll see what it looks like for customers reviewing a document. Remember that all fields and inputs that you see in this video can be customized to fit your business.

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Simplify Service Level Agreements with OnTask

Ready to swipe and deploy your service agreement form? Click below to get your template and test drive your own workflow today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Service level agreements act as a promise between a service provider and a client. Within this document, details of the services agreed upon are listed. This can include the number of items expected, quality terms, responsibilities, and timelines to name a few. This contract is used to ensure clients receive the services requested, paid for, and agreed upon. This also ensures service providers are not taken advantage of.

Yes. Service level agreements are a contract between a service provider and a client.

Yes. Service-level agreements are legally binding so long as both parties sign the contract.

To draft your service agreement, you will first want to begin by identifying who the service provider is and who the client is in this relationship. Next, you’ll want to lay out your terms. This should include the following applicable items:
  • Length of time in which the services will be provided
  • The state where work is taking place. Be sure to include this, as different states have local labor laws.
  • Describe the terms of services to be provided. Be as detailed and specific as possible with this to ensure there are no questions when it comes to what is included for the client under this contract. The goal here is to minimize room for misunderstandings.
  • Provide the service provider's contact information. This is good from a client perspective, making it easy to find your information quickly if needed.
  • Outline payment terms. This section is also important when it comes to details. Be specific with how your company should be paid, fees, costs, and relevant billing information.
  • Include terms and conditions. This is where you outline the terms of the working relationship. Oftentimes, this section will provide information on any intellectual property or confidentiality terms.
  • Clauses. If your business has any terms they wish to include that would void the contract, include them here. These are highly personalized based on your individual business.
  • Outline signing details. For some, other parties may need to be present as witnesses. If so, or if there are any other details that should be included, This is also where you’ll include a space to sign and date. 
An important note, it is always a good idea to have a legal professional review your agreement before signing.  

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