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Helping businesses across industries work better.

OnTask uses workflow automation to create solutions that put time back in people’s workdays and help companies work more efficiently together.

Industries We Proudly Serve

OnTask combines eSignatures, digital forms, and digital documents through workflow automation to create workplace nirvana. Businesses across industries can benefit from streamlining their processes with OnTask.

Human Resources

Bogged down by hours worth of paperwork and admin tasks, human resource employees are left with little time to focus on the people that make your organization great. OnTask can automate crucial HR tasks, such as employee onboarding and offboarding, time-off requests, performance evaluations and more. Let your HR team focus on what really matters.

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Schools, universities, and educators of all varieties struggle with finding ways to maximize budget while staying within compliance. OnTask allows educational institutions to do more. A fully FERPA compliant tool, OnTask can be used for collecting student registration forms, student health history forms, field trip permission slips and more. Best of all, OnTask features built-in reminders and automated emails to take the pressure off of staff members.

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Without the right tools in place, business processes can feel disjointed and tedious for employees. OnTask features all of the tools needed to make conducting business simple, including audit trails to stay in compliance, document collaboration, and reusable workflow templates for all of your important documents and processes.

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Closing sales is great for business, but the paperwork that comes along with it can create a productivity deficiency for your sales team. With OnTask, essential elements of the sales process like creating client RFPs, and redlining contracts can be taken digital. OnTask also includes built-in reminders and automated emails to cut down on time spent on follow up and empower sales to close deals faster.

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For healthcare facilities, protecting patients’ private information is of the utmost importance. OnTask makes staying HIPAA compliant easy, with the ability to designate who has access to what, HIPAA compliant eSignatures, and layers of encryption. This allows healthcare workers to easily collect the information they need without compromising what’s important.