Workflow Automation, Simplified

Digitize and Transform Your Business Processes


OnTask is an intuitive platform that empowers teams to
automate workflows and digitize signatures, documents and forms.

  • Collect secure, compliant eSignatures in bulk with required fields and pre-populated information.
  • Get documents sent faster with automated notifications and revisions all in one collaborative platform. 
  • Use conditional branching to route documents and forms to different stakeholders and route based on multi-level approvals, roles and permissions.
  • Automate workflows with a variety of documents, forms and stakeholders by integrating with existing systems.
The best part of OnTask is the ability to pre-define workflow steps and allow us to control which fields each user has the ability to fill out, and provide them an easy interface to interact with. This allowed us to easily provide a quick way to get important documents filled and signed with a digital method to make our workflows quicker and simpler.
Brandon Veiga, IT Manager & Project Specialist
The Wyanoke Group

Increase Efficiency At Every Step

From legal and financial services to insurance and healthcare, smart organizations leverage OnTask to get more work done. Our powerful features can improve your processes at every step, whether your work involves employee onboarding, expense report approval, contract negotiation, or performance evaluation.

Quick and easy to get started

Start creating documents, collecting signatures and building workflows in minutes with customizable templates. 

Dynamic delivery methods

Email, SMS text messaging, shareable URLs and QR codes make it easy to share documents, forms and workflows.

Intuitive workflow builder

Power your complex processes with a workflow builder that uses a no-code, drag-and-drop interface.

Conditional logic

Set simple rules that trigger your workflow to intelligently take the actions you want it to with if/then branching.

Increased visibility

Gain insights and identify bottlenecks with real-time reporting on activity and engagement.

Powerful integrations

Eliminate data entry and auto-populate data by connecting your systems with flexible integrations and open APIs.

Put Workflows To Work With OnTask

OnTask is the most flexible, easy-to-use solution to digitize and streamline your business processes. We don’t just help you with your signatures, documents and forms — we provide a holistic workflow platform that transforms the way your business gets work done. Get started by signing up for a free trial.