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Launch Your COVID-19 Protocol in Days

Track COVID-19 vaccination status and test results, monitor symptoms, and assign PTO to employees getting vaccinated with OnTask’s Health Tracker.

Vaccine Tracking
Employee Onboarding

Transform tedious paper-based tasks and forms into efficient digital processes.

Man programming two screens with computer code

Expand Your Applications with OnTask API

Add eSignature, document routing, and form fill capabilities to your new or existing applications using OnTask API.


  • Automate repeatable processes with if/then conditional branching
  • Set reminders, notifications, automated emails and different permissions
  • Track completion and gain insights into productivity
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Electronic Signatures

  • Capture digital signatures from as many people as you need, any time
  • Compliant, legally binding and secure
  • All signatures feature an audit trail complete with timestamps
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  • Maintain version control and avoid data redundancy
  • Easily automate workflows, approvals and updates
  • Gain insights and make informed decisions
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  • Create mobile responsive and dynamic fillable forms
  • Capture legally certified and secure digital signatures
  • Keep digital forms moving with automated notifications
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Slowed down by complicated processes?

Help is on the way. Our workflow automation tools eliminate the friction that slows you down, so your teams can do what they do best.

Secure & Compliant
Being a high velocity hiring platform, in the last 6 months we have screened more than 80,0000+ applicants and helped our clients hire 3,000+ employees via automated and paperless workflows.
Saurabh Gupta

HIPAA, FERPA and SOC2 Compliant

With industry-leading security standards, OnTask makes it easy to collect and protect sensitive information across industries and use cases. Our digital signatures are legally binding under the ESIGN Act and include a certificate for a complete electronic audit trail, meaning your data is safe and secure, whether it’s a patient consent form, a student registration form, internal expense report, or new sales contract.