Manage Documents More Efficiently with SharePoint for OnTask

Collect and generate documents from OnTask workflows and route them directly to any SharePoint site.

About the SharePoint Integration

OnTask’s SharePoint integration makes it easy to manage, collaborate on, and store documents. Files are automatically sent to Sharepoint upon document or form completion.

What You Need

  • OnTask account
  • SharePoint Account

How to Get Set Up

  • Log in to OnTask and create a workflow with a web form and “Export Document” task
  • Click the “SharePoint” button as the destination in the “Export Document” task
  • Enter your Microsoft account details and accept permission for OnTask

Microsoft SharePoint x OnTask Benefits

Take control of your document processes.

Streamlined Document Sharing

Upload completed and signed documents directly to your SharePoint instance for easy, secure access.

Simplified Document Management

Keep your documents organized and up-to-date by automatically transferring them from OnTask to the appropriate SharePoint location.

Reduced Manual Processes

Automatically upload documents to SharePoint from OnTask to eliminate manual processes and reduce human error.

Remote-Enabled Processes

Whether in the office or working remotely, OnTask’s SharePoint integration keeps your processes consistent and productive.

Use the SharePoint Integration to Export...

  • Single documents
  • Signed documents
  • Documents generated from form data
  • Combined documents
  • Templated documents

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft intranet solution that allows organizations to share and manage content, find information, and facilitate collaboration across multiple teams.

What is SharePoint used for?

Organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to share information for collaborative projects and store files associated with important business tasks. The platform can be customized to provide each department or team with a dedicated site that provides access to the resources they need.

How does the SharePoint integration work?

OnTask workflows can be set up to export documents to Microsoft SharePoint automatically. Each workflow can send documents to a specific site, library, and path within SharePoint. After OnTask is configured and connected to SharePoint, it will send documents to the designated destination whenever the workflow reaches the “Export Document” task.

How can I set up my SharePoint integration?

Use this step-by-step integration guide to get set up.

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