There are two basic ways that you can access a workflow task that is assigned to you:

  • If you’re notified by email that you have a task assigned to you, click the VIEW TASK button in the email to access the task. (Note that the button may have a different name, depending on how the workflow was configured.)
  • You can also access tasks assigned to you from the OnTask Dashboard.
    1. Log in to OnTask by visiting
    2. In the left sidebar, you’ll see all of the workflows for any groups of which you are a member, as well as any workflows in which you’re a participant.
    3. You’ll see a red line to the left of any workflow in which you have an outstanding task assigned to you. Click the workflow to select it.
    4. In the list of IN PROGRESS workflows, you’ll see a red line to the left of the workflow that is awaiting your attention.
    5. The workflow instance will indicate that it’s assigned to you. Click the link under Assigned to starting with the word You (and including the date and time it was assigned to you).
    6. This will bring you to the task so that you can complete it.
    7. After you complete the task, you can click the link at the bottom of the completion message to return to the Dashboard.