A workflow template is a “master workflow” with all of the steps and transitions you’ll be using in your workflows. Workflow templates are designed for and owned by specific groups. While your template is being designed, other group members cannot see or access the template. Once you publish the template, it’s available for your group members to run instances of that template.

Before You Begin

First you need to create and complete your workflow template.

Publish a Workflow Template

  1. Once you’ve added and configured all of the steps your workflow needs, click PUBLISH in the upper-right corner to make it available to group members.
  2. At that point, members of the group that owns the template will see it available to RUN in the Dashboard.
  3. If you need to edit the template, you can select it and switch from Manage to Design mode (using the toggle at the bottom of the left pane). You’ll need to PUBLISH it again if you make any changes. Keep in mind that any workflow instances that have been run prior to your edits will not be affected by your changes; subsequent runs will include your published changes.