Digital Waivers & Health Screening Forms for COVID-19

Protect your staff, clients & business

Clients, employees, students, and guests trust that you are doing your best to protect their information, health, and well-being. Meanwhile, you need to protect yourself against possible future liability while opening back up to customers and employees. Having a digital liability waiver is a simple and cost-effective way to protect against potential exposure claims.

Digital liability waivers

Liability waivers for hair and nail salons, gyms, daycares, car dealerships, medical offices, and other businesses are easy to create in OnTask, with a library of templates and the ability to integrate your CRM and other systems. Customers and employees can sign waivers in our mobile-responsive platform, no login or signup required.

Health screening forms

Before you grant an employee or customer access to your office, hotel, or other facilities, minimize potential risk with a digital health screening questionnaire. With the ability to create a fillable form, or scan and convert an existing PDF, you can create a questionnaire in seconds.

OnTask makes it quick and easy to create liability waivers and other necessary documents for your organization. Employees and customers can complete the forms before they arrive at your place of business, increasing convenience and minimizing risk.

  • No printing and scanning required
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Collect more data with greater accuracy
  • HIPAA and SOC2 compliant
  • Legally binding signatures
  • Track progress of waiver and form completion
  • Integrate with your CRM and other systems
  • Get expert support when you need it

We’re here to help during this difficult time by providing the tools and templates you need to keep your business running. However, each jurisdiction has different rules and regulations, so we recommend you have any waivers and paperwork approved by your compliance professional prior to use.

Experience OnTask

Transform the way your organization handles common business practices by creating waivers and forms, building workflows, and automating document routing with OnTask.