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Get secure, compliant digital signatures in seconds.

Easily collect staff, customer, or patient data with compliant digital forms.

Merge data from multiple sources and generate fillable documents with ease.

Integrate signatures, forms, documents, and workflows into your native apps in minutes.

Help your departments work faster with eSignatures, forms, and documents connected by intelligent workflows.

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OnTask Launches eSignature API to Connect eSign Capabilities

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OnTask Signatures: Collect Signatures in Seconds.

Use our electronic signature software to add secure, legally binding signatures to any form or document to eliminate bottlenecks and keep business processes moving. 

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OnTask eSignature Software Benefits

User Friendly eSignatures

Signing documents is easy for customers, employees, and vendors using OnTask. No log-ins required.

Scalable Document Volume

We know you want to grow, and we’re here to support you. Our eSignature solution is built to scale as document volumes grow.

Secure, Compliant & Legally Binding

Signatures collected through OnTask are legally binding. Our HIPAA-compliant eSignature software also adheres to FERPA, SOC 2, and CCPA requirements.

Reduced Turnaround Time

No more waiting around and sending endless follow-up emails on contracts, quotes, and other documents. OnTask cuts down turnaround times and eliminates manual follow-ups.

Accessible from Any Device

With OnTask, customers, employees, and vendors can sign documents from any device to support work no matter where it’s being done.

Low-Cost eSignatures

No hidden fees or surprise increases. OnTask offers transparent, competitive pricing you’ll love.

Secure Digital Signatures

Signatures collected through OnTask are secure, compliant, and legally binding. See how we keep data safe.


Modernize Your Process with Digital Signature Software

We’ve really been enjoying using OnTask—it has streamlined many of our processes and saved the entire team a lot of time and steps in getting contracts and forms signed.

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eSign Software That Plays Nice with Your Tech Stack

Get documents signed and access them in the platforms your team trusts.

eSignature Templates

Get started by automating legal documents, sales contracts, HR paperwork, and more with our growing library of templates.

Digital Signatures in Action

Bake It on Wheels Uses OnTask for Secure Signatures on Digital Waivers

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Want to Do More with OnTask?

Want to integrate eSignatures into your website or native applications?

View our eSignature API to get started.

OnTask Platform allows you to automate processes with eSignatures, documents, forms, and workflows.

Learn more about our business process automation solution.

Need to generate documents and document editing?

Find your digital document solution now.

Looking to collect information from customers or vendors?

Learn how to create and automate forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eSignatures?

eSignatures, also referred to as electronic signatures, refer to online processes that show intent to sign a record and acceptance of an agreement. eSignatures are regarded as an efficient and secure way to replace handwritten signatures, and hold the same value when examined in a court of law.

Why use eSignatures?

eSignatures allow customers to sign documents on the go and are proven to cut turnaround times and boost responses on documents.

What is the difference between eSignature and Digital Signature?

Although they may sound similar and are often used interchangeably, electronic and digital signatures are different in many ways. OnTask offers both. Learn more about the differences to decide what you need here

How does OnTask’s electronic signatures process work?

OnTask Signature is a customizable signature process that allows you to apply fields and signatures on documents, sign the document yourself, or send to one or more users to complete the information and signatures. Reminders, notifications, and other sub-processes can be easily included to fit your specific organizational needs.

Are signatures obtained in OnTask legally binding?

Yes. All signatures obtained through OnTask are legally binding and HIPAA compliant. Each signature received through OnTask comes with an audit trail that allows you to view timestamps and IP addresses associated with all actions on your document.

Request Your Custom Signature Solution

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