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HR Document Automation with OnTask

Published: May 19, 2022
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Automate your HR processes and recruitment with OnTask, and give your HR team the power to focus on people, and not paperwork.

Any business’ Human Resources department is a huge investment in both time and, well, resources. In addition to generating mountains of paperwork, contemporary HR protocols also require constant communication, and the ongoing curation of documents and files.

OnTask’s HR document automation not only reduces the time for case management and recruitment, but also strengthens employee confidence in your company, by putting the focus on building company culture and not filling out paperwork. Backed by 30 years of experience integrating software solutions for business problems, OnTask makes paperwork and administrative aspects simple.

For instance, common pain points like case management and recruitment lifecycles can be taken digital to boost efficiency and transparency during hiring. OnTask connects forms, documents, and eSignatures with workflow automation to automate every aspect or your team’s HR paperwork flawlessly. Automating paper-based HR processes eliminates manual file updating, and takes the guesswork out of staying compliant and secure by reducing time spent emailing documents back and forth between HR and employees. 


HR Case Management 

According to James Watson, director of marketing at Neocase, “Case management is arguably the core component of HR service delivery.”. 

HR case management is the ongoing process of receiving, tracking, and fulfilling requests from any member of an organization, as well as entities external to an organization. No organization can fully optimize its services, or center employees, so long as their HR professionals have to send and receive forms via email, track key case information by hand, and update requests individually. Not only does a piecemeal approach to case management slow response time, it also introduces opportunity for error, which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction for all stakeholders. Given that a recent Gallup analysis just showed that 48% of all workers surveyed were actively looking for new job opportunities, the struggle that companies face in recruiting and retaining employees has never been more real. 

Automate your case management workflow through OnTask to shorten request response time, reduce the potential for error, handle sensitive data securely, and ultimately create a more structured and transparent workplace culture. OnTask’s case management allows HR professionals to focus on employees and respond to requests quickly, accurately, and securely. Without automation, an HR professional might have to track down employee signatures, while an employee might have to submit a request to an email address and hope for the best. Even in a small company, where face-to-face exchange prevents the type of inefficiencies that can arise in manual form submission at scale, HR professionals need tools to help them collaborate, track case status, designate management priorities, and measure performance success — all of which is available through OnTask. 

Automated HR case management helps your team stay on track, but dealing with paper-based or emailed requests can cause more problems than they solve. Whether it’s a COVID-19 PTO request, a benefits election request, or even a performance evaluation request, OnTask’s no-code customizable templates can be used to ease the process. Ultimately, OnTask’s automated HR case management solutions ease the struggles of HR professionals, and lets them focus on people. 


HR Recruitment Template

The need to recruit and hire new talent has never been greater. In fact, a March 2022 study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that “47% percent… of all owners reported job openings they could not fill in the current period.”

As businesses compete for new employees at all levels, improving the candidate recruitment experience can mean the difference between landing a new employee or losing talent to your competitor. While the competition to recruit new talent is fierce, A CareerBuilder Survey from 2017 shows a tremendous opportunity to improve candidate experience. For example, only 47% of candidates surveyed said potential employers “do a good job setting expectations in terms of communication at the beginning of a potential hiring interaction.”. The path forward for HR recruitment teams is clear: Automate to increase transparency and efficient communication — or qualified candidates will find a company that does. 

To recruit candidates in today’s competitive labor market, HR departments must be able to set high communication standards from application to interview to offer. But as long as HR departments have to rely on outdated technology, email exchanges, and manual file updating, companies simply cannot recruit the most qualified candidates. OnTask’s recruitment templates give HR professionals the power to put potential new employees first. Streamlining the recruiting pipeline template from requesting a new position, to interview evaluation forms, to professional references checklists, is easy with OnTask. 

OnTask’s no-code templates give your HR professionals the recruitment strategy and tools they need to tackle unprecedented talent acquisition issues that all companies presently face. 

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