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Project Request Forms for Every Industry

Project requests help your team stay on track, but dealing with paper-based or emailed requests can cause more problems than they solve. Whether it’s an IT project request, a creative or design project request, or even a capital project request—this template can make your life easier. See what it’s like to fill out a project request using OnTask, and create your own template.

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Project request form template

Why Use Digital Forms for Project Requests?

Cut out printing costs, and save time for your team. Using digital forms for your project requests makes it easier to relay project details to the right stakeholders. Digital forms allow you to easily fill in your project’s specific information and send to employees for review with the click of a button.

Find More Time with the Project Request Form Template

This video shows an example of the Project Request Form Template in action. By watching this quick Project Request Form Template video, you’ll see what it looks like for employees who will be submitting a form. Remember that all fields and inputs can be customized to fit your business.

How OnTask Creates Better Project Requests

OnTask helps management create better project requests for their teams. Digital forms are used to capture project details and automatically imported into your template, for a uniform look each time. After project requests have been created, OnTask can automatically route the document to stakeholders on your team—no matter what department you’re in. You can even add built-in reminders to give team members a nudge and ensure your project requests gets seen.

Handling IT project requests, creative and design project requests, or capital project requests doesn’t have to be a struggle. Start your free 14-day trial to see how OnTask can help streamline the way your business handles project request forms.

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