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Automate the Way You Educate

Automating administrative tasks at your school boosts productivity, reduces wasted time and resources, and helps employees stay organized. Make time for what matters with education workflow automation.

Education Automation Simplified

See all the ways OnTask can streamline your team’s processes.

Say Goodbye to Paperwork Frustration

Focus on what matters to your school or university with OnTask’s Education Automation solutions. Make life easier for faculty, parents, and students when it comes time to fill out forms and sign documents.

Progress Reports

Course Reviews

Student Registration

Parental Consent Forms

Staff Paperwork

Transportation Requests

Why School & University Automation?

We get it. Sifting through paperwork is frustrating, especially as that to-do list of important things gets longer and longer. That’s why we created OnTask’s Education Automation solutions.

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Easy paperwork management.

  • Once-manual paperwork can be taken digital, and we mean completely digital. No more searching for documents in file cabinets or manual emailing.
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Combat painful follow-ups.

  • Sometimes, it takes a few gentle nudges to get permission slips signed or course reviews completed by students and parents. Built-in reminders are here to help.

Ensured compliance.

  • FERPA compliance and student data safety are often concerns for schools and universities. OnTask keeps you FERPA, HIPAA, SOC 2, and CCPA compliant.
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Student, staff, and parent satisfaction.

  • Without manual paperwork, there’s more time to spend nurturing students, meeting parent expectations, and empowering your classroom.
Fact Sheet

See How Education Automation Can Help You

It’s time to make paperwork simple for faculty, parents, and students. See how we can help by downloading this fact sheet.

Case Study

View our Wagner College Case Study

With our help, Wagner College was able to easily track vaccine status across their campus. Learn how OnTask was critical to their mission.


FERPA, HIPAA, SOC2, and CCPA Compliant

With industry-leading security standards, OnTask makes it easy to collect and track sensitive information across industries. Our digital signatures are legally binding under the ESIGN Act and include a certificate for a complete electronic audit trail, meaning your data is safe and secure, whether it’s COVID-19 related paperwork or any of the other forms that are vital to your business.

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