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Focus on People, Not Paperwork

Workflow automation from OnTask allows human resource employees to put their focus on creating a better company culture, not tedious paperwork.

HR Automation Simplified

See all the ways OnTask can streamline your HR process automation.

HR Automation eBook

Take your new normal to a higher standard.

Make Your Process More Efficient with Automation

Employee onboarding, offboarding, and every process in between can be automated with OnTask.

Employee Onboarding

Employee Evaluations

Applicant Tracking

Leave Management


Employee Offboarding

Why HR Automation?

Accelerate and elevate. With the ability to digitize paperwork and automate HR workflows, your team can stop drowning in documents and start finding and retaining the right talent for your company.

Processes, streamlined.

Take every aspect of your disjointed processes digital to create greater synergy, and allow employees the space to strategize.

Faster approvals.

Automatically route important documents to the right stakeholders to fill, sign or approve. Documents can be accessed from any device, anytime.

Ensured compliance.

HIPAA, FERPA and SOC2 compliant to keep employee information under tight lock and key and take the guesswork out of staying in compliance.

Elevated employee experience.

Cultivate a better employee experience at your workplace by making paperwork easy for existing employees, and giving the right impression to new hires.

Fact Sheet

OnTask for HR

Learn the key benefits automating processes with OnTask offers Human Resources employees.

Case Study

HR Process Automation

“In the last 6 months we have screened more than 80,000+ applicants and helped our clients hire 3,000+ employees via automated and paperless workflows.”

HR Automation eBook

Take your new normal to a higher standard.

Your HR department’s time is valuable. HR automation is a cost-effective, simple way to give employees more time in their day. Explore real HR use cases, benefits, and implementation tips in the Digital HR & Automation eBook.